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Introduction to Settings

Introduction To Settings


The Settings drawer explains how to optimize the delivery of Simplebooklets by utilizing the website's delivery optimization section, which includes options for language selection, loading preferences, and loading icons.

Certain features may not be available for publication or customization without a paid plan.


By leveraging these optimization features, users can improve the loading speed and performance of their Simplebooklets, enhance the user experience, and ensure that content is delivered in the most effective way possible for their specific audience.

Settings Options

Language - Choose your language.

Link Highlight - All links on a page will flash once on page load.

Link Autodetect - Text that appears to be a website link will automatically be linked.

Optimize Page Load - Speeds up the loading of large Simplebooklet by deferring page loading until page is opened.

Optimize Image Load - Speeds up the loading of large Simplebooklet by loading images on demand.

Loading Indicator - Displays a loading progress bar while Simplebooklet images are being retreived.

Default Simplebooklet Scale - Choose how you want your Simplebooklet to fit on the screen.

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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