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Start A Simplebooklet From A PDF

Start A Simplebooklet From A PDF


You can convert your existing PDF file into a Simplebooklet that can be viewed and flipped through from a dedicated, branded weblink.

Available on all plans.


When you convert your PDF into a Simplebooklet, you are turning your marketing and communications content into engaging, impressive online content. Now your PDF will be 100% web ready, and your audience will only need a browser and your branded link to experience your content. A few benefits include:

Version Control - You can update your Simplebooklet with a new PDF anytime and anyone who already has the link will get the latest version.
No Boring Presentations - Instead of being stuck with the vertical scrolling of a PDF viewer, you can present your Simplebooklet with customized backgrounds, logos, and page transitions.
Goes Everywhere - Instead of struggling with email attachments or posting to social networks, Simplebooklet creates a rich html email and social post that drives clicks.


Here is a 2 minute video showing you how to convert a PDF file into a Simplebooklet.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to convert a PDF file into a Simplebooklet.

Click Upload PDF on your DASHBOARD.

Select the PDF you wish to turn into a Simplebooklet.

Click Open. Your PDF should then be downloaded, and you'll be directed to our conversion tab.

Write a title for your Simplebooklet.

Click NEXT.

Select foldlines for your booklet. The default is No Fold:
No Fold - leaves your PDF as it is.
Bifold - splits double page PDFs into single pages.
Trifold - is for PDFs that are brochures with 3 panels each on 2 PDF pages.
Foldgate - are for PDF brochures with 4 panels each on 2 PDF pages.

Click NEXT.

Select the conversion method for your PDF. There are two options for your conversion process:
HTML5 - allows us to vectorize the text, make it editable in EDIT, and surface hyperlinks in your uploaded file.
IMAGE - flattens each of your PDF pages into a single image file.

Click NEXT.


Once completed, we'll display your booklet in the PREVIEW window and you can flip through the pages.

When you're happy with your content, click Publish.

You've successfully transformed your PDF file into a Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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