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Adding Simplebooklet To A Wix Website

Adding Simplebooklet to your Wix Webpage


This help guide will show you how to add the Simplebooklet Flipbook plugin to your Wix website page, adjust the size to best display your Simplebooklet, add a second Simplebooklet to your Wix page, and adjust your page layout for mobile browsers.

Available on all plans.


Being able to display your marketing, sales, and communications collateral on your wix site is a great way to keep your audience engaged and extend the value of your print collateral. What's great, is you can use features like narration, embedded videos, and following to really make your wix page come alive. You can add multiple documents, presentations, and PDFs to multiple pages on your Wix Site.

What's even better is that you can update your Simplebooklet and it will automatically update where ever it is embedded on your Wix website. No need to re-add it to your Wix pages.


3.00 minute video

Step-by-Step Guide

Below will walk you through the steps of adding the flipbook by Simplebooklet plugin to your WiX website.

Add Your First Simplebooklet Flipbook

Open your WIX webpage in the WIX desktop editor.

Tap the Add Apps button in the left hand column toolbar.

Add Apps Button

If you haven't already installed Simplebooklet, search for Simplebooklet and tap the Add To Website button.

Finding the Add On

You'll see a flipbook plugin container appear on your page.

Add On for flipbook

Either double tap the plugin container or tap the settings button.

If you don't have any existing flipbooks, tap the upload button and start your first. If you already have existing flipbooks, tap the library button.

Library option

Your flipbook will appear in the plugin container.

Simplebooklet Displayed In Plugin/Add On

You can resize the plugin to best fit and size your Simplebooklet flipbook to fit your page layout.

Drag Any Of The Add On Container Drag Handles To Resize

Switch to the mobile wix editor to also adjust the size to fit correctly in the mobile view of your wix page.

Mobile Wix Editor

Add A Second Simplebooklet Flipbook To Your Page

Tap the Add Apps button in the left hand column toolbar.

Add Apps Button

At the very bottom, select the Manage Apps button.

manage apps button

You'll see the Simplebooklet plugin.

tap the 3 dot menu at the end of the plugin button options, and select Add Again

Add again menu option

The plugin will be added to your page and you'll be able to follow steps 5 through 9 as above.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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