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Post To Social Networks

Post To Social Networks


You can post your Simplebooklet on multiple Social Media Networks with our built in integrations for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit. You can also use the weblink to post to social media as well. We'll display your cover image, your SImplebooklet title, your Simplebooklet description, and the weblink to open your SImplebooklet from the posting.

Available on all plans.


Lots of customers visit their favorite social platforms on a daily basis. Getting your Simplebooklet into those social feeds and timelines is a great way to capture their attention even when they aren't actively looking for your content.


This is a 1 minute video showing you how to share your Simplebooklet on social media platforms.



After clicking on the Facebook icon, you'll be directed to a new tab that offers you four choices in posting. :
Post Cover Page - This posts the cover page of your Simplebooklet to your Facebook feed.
Post Animated GIF - This puts your Simplebooklet as a slideshow GIF that flips through the first 3 pages of your flipbook.
Post A Video - This plays your Simplebooklet as a video automatically flipping through 25 pages.
Permanent Tab - This adds a permanent tab to your Facebook page that opens a full featured book inside your page.


This opens a pop-up ad as a Linkedin post where you can share your Simplebooklet to your newsfeed or send it as a private message to someone.


This opens a pop-up tab as a Twitter post where the title and a weblink to your Simplebooklet is included.


You'll be asked to customize your Simplebooklet first as a video teaser, then given the option to download it to upload to YouTube.


It'll open as a new tab where you can share your Simplebooklet as a title image with the link attached in the description. If you don't already have a board for your Pinterest posting, you can create one from here.


This will open as a new tab and you can share your Simplebooklet by posting it as a weblinkon Reddit.

Updated on: 20/09/2021

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