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Manage Your Weblink

Manage Your Weblink


Each Simplebooklet has a dedicated, unique weblink. This link goes only to your Simplebooklet. You can see, copy, update, and get variations of your Simplebooklet's weblink in the top section of the PUBLISH tab.

Available on all plans.


Your easy to read and type dedicated weblink for your Simplebooklet means your customer can open and flip through your booklet from any browser, on any device. No more attaching large PDFs to emails or sending a link to download a huge file. Your Simplebooklet loads instantaneously on your customers preferred device.


This is a 2 minute video showing you what you can do on your weblink.


By clicking the edit icon beside your title, you can change your flipbook's title whenever you want.


The thumbnail cover of your Simplebooklet is an image above the Refresh button. You can click the Refresh button to update it with the latest version. This is useful if you update your cover with new content and it isn't being reflected in the cover image thumbnail.


This opens your Simplebooklet in a new tab in your browser. It's what your customer see's.


By clicking this button you add your flipbook's link to your clipboard and can share it anywhere.

A shortlink is a condensed version of your weblink, available to be copied to your clipboard after you click on this button.

QR Code

This gives you a scannable QR code that can direct your customers to your Simplebooklet. You'll have the option of downloading the QR code so you can use it in other marketing and communication materials.

You can change the words and letters used in your Simplebooklet weblink. This is useful for updating your weblink to something easy for your customer to remember.

Simplebooklet Accessibility

There are four different levels of accessibility you can set your Simplebooklet as:
Public - This means that your Simplebooklet is available on search engines, Google images, and can be found and opened by anyone.
Link Only - Your Simplebooklet can only be accessed by those who get the actual link.
Password - Your Simplebooklet is protected by a password. You can have multiple passwords for a Simplebooklet. When you add a password to your Simplebooklet, a manage passwords button will appear. This lets you remove existing passwords you've already assigned and see how often a password has been used.
Paused - All activity on your Simplebooklet will stop unless you choose to change the accessibility status of your Simplebooklet.

Updated on: 03/02/2022

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