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Send A Simplebooklet In An Email


You can send your Simplebooklet as a rich, HTML email. Your email will include your own personal message, your Simplebooklet cover, and a button encouraging them to open your booklet.

Available on all paid plans.


Sending your Simplebooklet through email is an effective way to get your marketing and communications directly in front of your customer. Instead of waiting for your customer to find you online, your content arrives in their inbox and engages them with a professional looking email.


Here is a 2 minute video showing you how to send your Simplebooklet as a email directly from the Publish tab.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to send your Simplebooklet as a email directly from the Publish tab.

Open the Publish tab of the flipbook you wish to customize.

Beneath Publishing Options you should see a section titled: Send In Email.

Tap the Email icon.

You'll then be directed to a page that asks you to select the layout format of your email. Choose one.

You'll find yourself on a new page with an active preview of your email on your right.

On the left, you can begin formatting your email. First in the box under To write the email of the customer who is receiving this email.

Under From add your own or the email of the institution that is sending this email.

The Subject of your email is automatically the title, but you can click that box to change it.

Options allows you to add special features to your email:
Use Animated Image - Clicking the box will turn your Simplebooklet cover image into a gif that flips through the first 3 pages of your flipbook.
Install Button - Clicking the checkmark will remove the install button from your Simplebooklet.

When you are done, tap SEND.

Once your email is sent, you should receive a notification at the top of your Simplebooklet: Your booklet has been emailed to your recepient.

And that's how you successfully send an email of your flipbook directly from Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 20/09/2021

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