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Exporting An Adobe Express Design To Simplebooklet

Exporting Your Design From Adobe Express


Using the Simplebooklet Add-On, its very easy to export your Adobe Express design and turn it into a dynamic, interactive content you can post, pin, email, embed and share everywhere with a custom branded link.

You'll select the flip transition for your design within the Adobe Express interface, then export your design to Simplebooklet for further enhancements.

Available on all plans.


3.00 minute video

This is a video showing an Express design being exported to Simplebooklet. Youtube markdown code is here:

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to replace your existing Simplebooklet with new content.

You will need to have already installed the Simplebooklet Add-On into your Adobe Express account to walk through these steps. You can find installation instructions here.

Open your design in Adobe Express.

Tap the Add On Menu button on the left hand side of your Express Design interface.

Select the Your Add-Ons tab at the top of the Add-Ons menu drawer.

Tap the Simplebooklet Add-On to open your flip options in the right hand drawer.

Select the flip option you'd like to apply then tap Export Design. You can change the flip selection at anytime after your design is exported

Select Your flip option then export

At this point, Adobe Express will convert your design into a PDF for export into the Simplebooklet platform. This can take up to a minute.

When Adobe Express has completed the conversion, you can tap the Open In Simplebooklet button.

If you are not logged into your Simplebooklet account, you'll be asked to log in at this point.

Your Adobe Express design will be converted and displayed in the preview view in Simplebooklet.

At this point, you can begin enhancing your design presentation in the Simplebooklet tools or immediately start sharing it with your audience.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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