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Installing The Adobe Express Add On

Using Simplebooklet and Adobe Express Together


Adobe Express is a very powerful design tool to create compelling marketing, sales, support, and communications collateral. Its the easiest way to get started on new content from scratch. When combined with Simplebooklet, your Adobe Express designs come alive. Turn them into professional, branded content presentations you can post, pin, embed, open and interact with on any device. Get more from your Adobe Designs.

Available on all plans.


Combining these two tools means you can make beautiful content on Adobe Express without being a professional designer. Then take that great new content and reach your customers through our all in one presentation and publishing platform on Simplebooklet. Its the ultimate in end to end design and distribution so you can better connect with your clients, customers, and coworkers.

The Simplebooklet Add On for Adobe Express gives you a more integrated workflow for exporting and updating designs you create in Adobe Express and presenting them through Simplebooklet. Your design publishing will be faster and easier to manage.

Installing The Simplebooklet Add On

To use Simplebooklet with Adobe Express, you'll need at minimum a free account on both platforms.

You first need to install the Simplebooklet Add On into your Adobe Express account.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below are the steps to installing the Simplebooklet Add On into your Adobe Express account.

Log in to your Adobe Express account.

Tap the ADD button at the bottom of the Simplebooklet Add On listing.
Simplebooklet add on button

Your new Simplebooklet Add On will be installed in Your Add-Ons option in Adobe Express to access from any design.

Simplebooklet add on In Your Add-On menu

Tap the Simplebooklet Add-On to start the export process.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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