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Signing Up and Connecting to Adobe Express

Sign Up, Sign In, and Connect Your Adobe Express Account To Your Simplebooklet Account


You'll need to connect your Simplebooklet account with your Adobe Express account. This ensures we can match your Design IDs and files accurately between your two accounts. It also unlocks more export and import features making it easier to work between the two platforms.

Available on all plans.


When you connect your Adobe Express account with your Simplebooklet account, we can speed up the process of converting your designs to flipbooks. We'll also be able to remember which designs you've already used to create a Simplebooklet, and give you the option to update the correct flipbook with the updated design. You'll also have the added benefit of accessing a specific design from within the Simplebooklet EDIT tools so you can go to a specific page, edit that page in Adobe Express, and then export it back to the current Simplebooklet. All in all, connecting accounts makes your workflow much more integrated and efficient.


40 second video

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to connect your Simplebooklet and Adobe Express Accounts.

Open your Adobe Express account.

Open any design in your Adobe Express account.

Select the ADD ON menu in the left hand toolbar.

Select Simplebooklet from the Your Add-Ons tab.

In the Simplebooklet menu on the right, select the Connect Account button.

A popup menu will appear to either sign up to Simplebooklet or Sign in to your existing Simplebooklet account.

Your Simplebooklet and Adobe Express accounts will now be linked together and you'll have access to your designs from within Simplebooklet and flipbooks you've created from within Adobe.

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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