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How To Upload a Bifold Brochure


Upload your bifold PDF into a Simplebooklet and present it with the intended page flip.

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You've designed and printed your bifold brochure and are now ready to share it with a larger audience. Distributing your brochure online saves you energy and money, but PDFs can have drawbacks. They're hard to send, track, and cumbersome to read. Simplebooklet can help by creating a single, easy-to-use URL for your document that instantly tracks who opens and reads it. Preserve one of the best qualities of a bifold brochure—the page-flip! With Simplebooklet, your bifold brochure will flip each page on your computer screen just like flipping it with your hands. It's the way the story in your bifold was meant to unfold.

Step By Step Guide

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Below is a walkthrough on how to upload your bifold brochure to Simplebooklet.

Open your DASHBOARD and scroll up to the top banner.

Locate and click on the button labeled UPLOAD FILE.

Choose the Upload File From Computer option from the menu.

Upload your bifold PDF file.

Once the upload is complete, you'll be on the Convert Your File Into A Simplebooket page.

Adjust your Title.

Proceed to the Choose A Page Flip section. Choose the Page Spread tab.

Explore various options available under Choose A Page Flip by hovering your mouse over the icons. Watch the animations to determine which option suits your needs best.
Page Spread Animations

OAfter selecting your preferred option, click on CONVERT to proceed.

You'll then be directed to the Preview page where you can review your chosen page flip style. Feel free to explore additional enhancements offered by Simplebooklet to further enhance your document.

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Updated on: 27/06/2024

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