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How To Upload a Gatefold Brochure


Convert your gatefold brochure into a digital flipbook by uploading your PDF from your computer to Simplebooklet.

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If you've taken the time to design a gatefold brochure, make the most of your efforts. Upload your gatefold PDF to Simplebooklet and witness how we transform it into an interactive document, staying true to your original design. Your new Simplebooklet gatefold brochure will flip just like a physical one. With a unique branded link that you can swiftly share via email or social media, spreading your material is effortless. You can keep track of who is opening your gatefold brochure and when with our analytics page.

Step By Step Guide

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[How to Upload a Gatefold Brochure]

Below is a walkthrough on how to upload a gatefold brochure to Simplebooklet.

Open your DASHBOARD.

If you are uploading your gatefold PDF from Adobe Express, Canva, or another source, please check out the rest of our How To Upload collection

Scroll to the top of the page and tap the button labelled START HERE.

Find your document on your computer and click Open.

This action will take you to the 'Convert Your File Into A Simplebooklet' page. Here, you'll assign a title to your new flipbook and choose the page flip transition (you can also modify the flip transition post-conversion).

Customize the Title of your file. Remember, this title will form part of your unique URL, so pick one that resonates with both you and your audience. By default, we extract it from your file metadata, but you can update it in the title field here.

Choose the Gatefold button. Your brochure possesses distinct characteristics that are best suited for one of the two gatefold options. Selecting an option other than these two choices will result in incorrect fold lines in your document.

Choose the Gatefold Option

Now choose the Page Flip option that best fits your document.

The Gatefold option opens your document like saloon doors, featuring three-fold lines. It's ideal for PDFs designed from the center outwards.

The Double Gatefold option adds an additional fold to your document. It's best suited for gatefolds designed with one panel intended as the front page.

Convert Your Gatefold Into A Simplebooklet


Wait for your document to finish converting.

Your gatefold Simplebooklet will be presented in the PREVIEW window. Here, you can flip through your gatefold brochure, choose a theme, start sharing immediately, or utilize customization tools to further enhance your Simplebooklet presentation.

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Updated on: 27/06/2024

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