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How To Upload a PDF made with InDesign


You're looking to transfer your InDesign document, export it with the correct settings, and upload it to Simplebooklet for sharing.

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Here’s a fast and effective way to convert your InDesign document into a format that’s easy to share without compromising your design’s quality. When you export your document correctly, you can maintain high-quality images, legible text, and interactive elements such as hyperlinks. Once shared with your audience, Simplebooklet offers analytics to track when and by whom your document is viewed, all through a single branded link.

Step By Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough on how to export your InDesign document to a PDF and then upload it to Simplebooklet.

Step One
2.00 minute video
How to Export your PDF from InDesign

Step Two
3.00 minute video
How to Upload your InDesign PDF to Simplebooklet

The steps below should be nearly identical to the transcript of what you did in the video. It outlines each click and action you had to take to complete the task. It shouldn't be descriptive, very on point to the step that is required to be taken to get to the next step. No explanations of why you are doing each step, just what you need to do to keep progressing.

Exporting your Document from InDesign

Open your InDesign document.

Click File, and then select Export.

Export Button in InDesign

The Export window will appear.

Export Window

Verify the document name under Save As: at the top of the window. Rename if necessary.

At the bottom of the window, locate the Format: dropdown menu. Select Adobe PDF (Print).

Export Adobe PDF Window

Check the box labeled Use InDesign Document Name as the Output Filename.

Click Save to proceed.

The Export Adobe PDF window will appear.

Ensure All is selected under Pages.

Under Options check the box for Optimize for Fast Web View.

Make sure Hyperlinks is selected under Include.

Finally, click the Export button to complete the process

Uploading your exported PDF to Simplebooklet

Open your DASHBOARD.

Click the START HERE button, located near the top of the page.

Start Here

Choose the Upload File From Computer option.

Upload File From Computer

Choose the PDF file you wish to upload from your computer.

We'll begin the upload process to transfer your PDF file from your computer to our servers (the duration will depend on your internet connection speed).

Upon receiving your file, you'll access our conversion tool. Here, you'll assign a title to your new flipbook and choose the page flip transition (you can also modify the flip transition post-conversion).

Title is the title we'll use when presenting your Simplebooklet and for creating your custom URL. By default, we extract it from your file metadata, but you can update it in the title field here.

Choose A Page Flip to select the flip animation that smoothly guides your audience from one page to the next. Choose one that best complements the presentation of your content as you unveil each page. While we may recommend a page flip transition based on your PDF, you can also select any other transition from the dozens of options available.

Choose a page flip

Specific transitions are available for trifold brochures, bifold brochures, and gatefold brochures. When you choose these transitions, each page in your PDF is folded to replicate the distinctive page flip animation. If your PDF does not consist of multiple panels on each page, refrain from selecting this transition.

Tap Convert.

At this point, we're turning your PDF into a web ready digital document with it's own dedicated presentation landing page.

When complete, we'll load your Simplebooklet in our Preview display. You'll be able to flip through your pages, pick a theme, start sharing immediately, or use the customization tools to enhance your Simplebooklet presentation further.

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