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Make A Simplebooklet From A Video

Make A Simplebooklet From A Video


You can convert a video into a single page Simplebooklet as its own branded microsite, with it's own URL.


Using Simplebooklet to present your video makes sure your video is the center of attention for your customer. Instead of all the generic and cluttered presentation found on youtube or other similar vidoe platforms, your video takes center stage on a branded, dedicates Simplebooklet microsite. Even better, you can add it to a Simplebooklet collection.


Here is a 1 minute video showing you how to make a Simplebooklet from a video.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to make a Simplebooklet from a video.

Click Upload Video on your DASHBOARD.

Write a title for your Simplebooklet.

Copy and paste the URL of the video you are adding. Simplebooklet supports:
and Google Drive video links

Your video should then appear as a preview below.

You can make your video play automatically by tapping the Autoplay button beneath your preview.


Once completed, we'll display your Simplebooklet in the PREVIEW window and you can flip through the pages.

When you're happy with your content, click Publish.

You've successfully transformed your PDF file into a Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 16/09/2021

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