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Introduction To Collections

Introduction To Collections


A Collection is a linkable site where you are meant to store your Simplebooklets to be read together.

Available on all plans.


A collection makes it easy to share a series of Simplebooklets from one link, as opposed to many. Collections are great for magazine and newsletter archives, data rooms, and even a company overview, highlighting all your products and services. It removes the need for you to constantly bombard your customers with updates, and can instead leave it to them to see how your collection updates and evolves.


Here is a 2 minute video giving you a general overview to Collections.


Your Collections window is separated into 2 different categories:

New Collection

Here is where you begin creating a new Collection out of scratch. Press the + New button to get started!

Your Current Collections

This is where all of your existing collections are stored. There are a few buttons attched to each collection you make
Edit - This brings you to your Collection Editor.
Open - This opens your Collection as its own web-page.
Delete - While it does not say delete, clicking the trash icon does delete your Collection.

Collection Editor

Here is where you make edits to your collection, such as adding booklets, customizing your header and changing backgrounds,

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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