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Make A New Collection

Make A New Collection


A collection is a compilation of your existing booklets displayed from a single weblink. Any Simplebooklet you've added to a collection can be opened from the collection, then closed and return the reader to the collection.

Available on all plans.


A collection makes it easy to share multiple Simplebooklets from a single link. You can curate which Simplebooklet's appear on this pinterest like webpage, and your readers will have an easy way to access the content you want them to see. Collections are great for magazine and newsletter archives, data rooms, and even a company overview, highlighting all your products and services.


Here is a 3 minute video demonstrating how to begin making your own collection.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to begin making your own collection.

Go to your dashboard.

Click on Collections from the menu on the top left.

You should arrive at the Collections page. Click + New beside NEW COLLECTION.

Beneath Title write the name of your collection.

Beneath Custom Link choose from the dropdown menu what subdomain you would like your collection to have.

Your domain name changes as your title automatically.
But if you would like to customize it to differ from your title, all you need to need is click on it and write in what you would like your domain to say.

Once finished, click Save.

You should be directed to a new page. This is where you customize the reading order of which booklets you would like your collection to feature:
Add A Booklet - To add a booklet into your collection, all you need to do is click, hold and drag that particular booklet from Add Simplebooklets under the left hand section Displayed On Collection and then release.
Rearrange A Booklet - The reading order goes from top to bottom. so arrange your booklets to that end. In order to rearrange the existing reading order, all you need to do is click, hold and drag the booklet in Displayed On Collection above or below the other booklets in your collection, then release.
Remove A Booklet - To remove a booklet from your collection, click, hold and drag a booklet from Displayed On Collection to under Add Simplebooklets and release.

Once you're done, go to the top and click SAVE.
You can also toggle on the option to have your first displayed booklet larger than the rest under sample collection.

After that, you should find yourself on the Collection Editor of your newest collection.

You've successfully created a new collection!

Updated on: 02/02/2022

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