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Cancelling Your Subcription Plan

Cancelling Your Paid Subscription Plan


Simplebooklet offers month to month and discounted annual plans. You can cancel any plan at anytime. Your subscription will continue until the end of the current paid period.

Available on all plans.

How To Cancel

You can only cancel a paid subscription plan from your Simplebooklet dashboard. Emailed cancellation requests or chat requests for cancellations are not supported.

We've made it easy to cancel your subscription. You can do this at anytime right from your Simplebooklet dashboard.

Log into your account and select the YOUR ACCOUNT icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.
In the dropdown menu, select YOUR PLAN.
Tap the red CANCEL PAID PLAN button.
Enter in your reason for cancelling, then complete your cancellation.

No further subscription charges will be applied to your account.

What Happens To My Published Content

You will be able to use your booklets just as you normally do for the remaining duration of your subscription. Once the subscription finishes, your account will revert to a free plan, with one booklet available for sharing and distribution. All other booklets in your account will still be there, but are set to paused and you are not able to distribute these booklets. The links will no longer work, although you will still be able to access the booklets in your account.


Here is a 1 minute video showing you how you can cancel your paid subscription on Simplebooklet:

Requests For Refunds

If you are interested in a refund for your prepaid service, Simplebooklet is currently accepting -- but is not obligated to honor -- Annual plans refund requests made up to 30 days after the charge is made. However, if you have already disputed the charge with your bank or filed a chargeback, we will not be able to honor refund requests related to the charge. We do not offer refunds for Monthly plans. If you have more than 100 opens on any Simplebooklet in your account, we are not obligated to refund your subscription period.

If a refund is granted, a $15 dollar service charge is applied to any refund.

Simplebooklet is a self-service subscription platform, it is ultimately each individual's or company's responsibility to track of all paid subscriptions and cancel them if no longer in use.

A Simplebooklet subscription renews automatically at the end of your billing cycle, and the payment source on your account will be charged automatically. This is clearly stated when you confirm payment after adding a paid plan to your account.

To prevent future charges, downgrade your account to our free plan before your next recurring payment date by following the cancellation steps above.

NOTE: We do send a renewal reminder email for all annual plans 30 days prior to your renewal charge. We send this email to the primary emails listed on your account.

Deleting Your Account With a Paid Plan

Unfortunately, deleting your account with Simplebooklet doesn’t prompt an automatic refund. If you would like a refund, please submit a refund request to

TIP: Since we cannot guarantee a refund, we highly suggest that you do not delete your account with Simplebooklet once you’ve been charged. If we are unable to honor your refund, we would at least like your Simplebooklet account -- that you have already paid for -- to be available to you.

Partial Refunds

We may also offer partial or prorated refunds. In other words, we can refund the remaining amount from when your account was first charged, rather than a full refund. If we decide to offer a partial refund, we will gladly offer an explanation once we reply to your refund request.

Unauthorized Charges

If you believe you received an unauthorized charge from SImplebooklet, please submit a request to

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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