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Your Free Plan

Your Free Plan

What you get in a Free Plan on Simplebooklet


We make a free plan available to any user of Simplebooklet. This free plan allows you to make one active Simplebooklet and share it everywhere. Any free Simplebooklet can be updated, replaced, and deleted as often as you want.

Free accounts are active for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, you must renew your free account. There is no cost to renewing a free plan. You can renew it for another 6 months. You can renew a free plan forever.


Free plans are just that, free. You can share one Simplebooklet pretty much everywhere. Even better, you can update it, replace it, and enhance it as many times as you want. And it's still free.

Free plans are a great way to try out Simplebooklet to see if it suits your marketing and communications purposes. There is no requirement to upgrade to a paid plan.

All new signups start as a free plan.


Unlimited Sharing - No bandwidth limits, reach as many people as you can.

Unlimited Updates - Replace your Simplebooklet as often as you want.

Unlimited Hosting - No limits on the storage for your Simplebooklet.

Unlimited Editing - Update your Simplebooklet content often as you need.

Unique Weblink - Customize your Simplebooklet link to make it memorable.

No Third Party Ads - No advertising displayed on your Simplebooklet for competing services.

Custom Page Flipping - Choose from multiple page transitions to best present your content.

Call To Action Buttons - Add clickable buttons that drive customer engagement.

Trifold/Gatefold Support - Make your brochures open the way you expect.

Customized Presentation - Customize the navigation bar and background of your Simplebooklet landing page.

Automatic Linking - We'll automatically activate links, emails and phone numbers in your uploaded file so you don't have to.

Narrate Your Pages - Add voice or video notations to your pages to provide clarity and context and keep your customer's attention.

Convert PDF, Doc, and PPT - Convert multiple file formats to create your new Simplebooklet.

Convert Canva Designs - Import designs made in Canva.

Step-by-Step Guide

Setting Up A Free Account

Sign up to a new account. New accounts are all set as Free to start.

From your dashboard, you'll see your plan status in the top left corner.

Go ahead and upload a new file to create a Simplebooklet.

Renewing Your Free Account

We require all free accounts to be renewed by the account holder every 6 months. We'll send you an email and place a message on your dashboard letting you know its time to renew. Renewing your plan is free.

why we require renewals - Many people try Simplebooklet for free and then forget about their content. This leads to orphaned content that can be misleading on the Internet. Because you don't have to do anything for your content to be shared and distributed online through Simplebooklet, free booklets can get traffic for years. By requiring you to tell us you still want your content, we can identify which Simplebooklets are still valid. If you don't confirm and renew your account, we first pause the content then it and the free account are deleted from our system. Deleted free accounts cannot be recovered.

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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