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Your BASIC Plan

Your Basic Plan

What you get in a Basic Plan on Simplebooklet


We designed the BASIC plan for those who just want the most cost effective way to distribute and share their marketing and communications without all the bells and whistles. Simple, straightforward, and inexpensive.


Our Basic plan is the most cost effective way to start sharing and engaging with your broader audience. Start with just one booklet and only pay for more as you need them.

Its dead simple. Just convert your file, pick a theme, and start sharing. Its great for menus, brochures, flyers and anything you want to just put out there as mass communication.

Make your print marketing collateral work harder with this plan. Compared to the cost of 50 printed brochures (avg $45) that can reach at most 50 people, you can reach 10000 of people online in a year.


Starts with 1 Simplebooklet - Start with 1 active Simplebooklet and add more as you need.

Your Logo - Build confidence in your content by adding your logo on your shared Simplebooklet.

Embed Everywhere - Use our Embed Code to add your Simplebooklet to any site or web property you want.

Download as PDF - Save a PDF version of your Simplebooklet so you and your clients can download it anytime.

Hide From Search Engines - Stop search engines from indexing your Simplebooklet, making sure only those you share the link with access your content.

Google Analytics - Connect your GA account to your Simplebooklet account and get real time activity and engagement in your Google Analytics reports.

Remove Watermark - Remove the watermark found on the last page of Free Simplebooklets.

Realtime Notifications - Get notified when someone opens your Simplebooklet so you can act on a hot lead.

Message Me Button - Get client feedback from any page in your Simplebooklet sent to any email address you want in realtime.

Step-by-Step Guide

Subscribing To A Basic Account

From your account dashboard, tap the UPGRADE button.

location of upgrade button on dashboard

You can choose the Basic plan by tapping "select plan"

In the checkout page, select if you want a discounted annual plan or you want a pay as you go month to month plan.

Enter your payment method, first and last name, and check that you are not a robot.

You'll get a Successful confirmation. Your new Basic Plan will activate automatically.

Adding More Simplebooklets

The Basic plan starts with 1 active Simplebooklet. We designed it this way so if all you need is one, you don't need to pay more more than you need. But if you decide you need more, and don't want to delete your current Simplebooklet, we've made it simple to add more booklets.

Tap the ADD MORE SIMPLEBOOKLETS button on your dashboard.

Select how many more Simplebooklets you'd like to add to your account.

Select complete and your new Simplebooklets will be available for use.

Additional Simplebooklets cost $1 per month ($12 per year). This total will be automatically added to your next monthly or annual renewal bill.

Renewing Your Basic Account

If you subscribe to a month to month plan, your plan will automatically renew each month on the same date you signed up on. On an annual plan, you'll receive an email letting you know of the upcoming renewal and will automatically be renewed on your upgrade date.

Your subscription price is locked in. We will not increase your subscription price for as long as you maintain your plan. Its our guarantee for cost predictability for your plan. You will never see a price increase on your existing plan.

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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