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Your PRO Plan

Your PRO Plan

What you get in a PRO Plan on Simplebooklet


We designed the PRO plan for those who want to make digital content marketing a key part of the way their organization communicates. Our PRO plan is heavily focused on driving interactivity and engagement with your client, encouraging your audience to reach out and make contact with your business.


Get the features you need to make the greatest impact and generate real customer engagement and leads. Our PRO plan includes the professional features like your own domain, custom buttons, and custom backgrounds. You'll get the ability to add lead magnets to capture user data. And you'll start with enough Simplebooklets to create real digital content that reaches different audience segments.

Pro plans also include the ability to sell access to your content. So you can add a paywall at any point in your Simplebooklet and collect revenue for your content.


Includes 10 Simplebooklets - Start with 10 active Simplebooklets you can update, replace, and distribute everywhere. Add more as you need them.

Custom Domain - Use your own custom domain so your Simplebooklets are displayed under your trusted brand. Apply multiple domains to different Simplebooklets.

Popups And Lead Gates - Use your Simplebooklet as a lead magnet and capture audience credentials at any page in your content.

Sell Simplebooklets - Add a paywall at any point in your Simplebooklet, restricting your content to only those who purchase access.

Visibility Control - Control access to your Simplebooklet with link only sharing or by creating multiple passwords and tracking access.

Add Code - Use our code tools to add content from other web sites and services to drive audience engagement.

Link Accounts - Connect and collaborate with other Simplebooklet users to create, copy and transfer Simplebooklet's between accounts.

Custom Buttons - Create your own calls to action in your navbar with your own button, text and link to anywhere.

Custom Background - Add your own background to your Simplebooklet landing page to compliment your content and make your presentation professional.

Post To YouTube - Export your Simplebooklet as a 20 page flip video teaser and post it to YouTube or add it to any website or social campaign.

Export Client Activity - Export your client engagement details from lead gates, forms and more into xls and cvs file formats.

Chat Support - Get 4 hours a month of chat support to get the most from your account.

Step-by-Step Guide

Subscribing To A PRO Account

From your account dashboard, tap the UPGRADE button.

location of upgrade button on dashboard

You can choose the PRO plan by tapping "select plan"

In the checkout page, select if you want a discounted annual plan or you want a pay as you go month to month plan.

Enter your payment method, first and last name, and check that you are not a robot.

You'll get a Successful confirmation. Your new PRO Plan will activate automatically.

Adding More Simplebooklets

The PRO plan starts with 10 active Simplebooklets. But if you decide you need more, and don't want to delete any of your current Simplebooklets, we've made it simple to add more booklets.

Tap the ADD MORE SIMPLEBOOKLETS button on your dashboard.

Select how many more Simplebooklets you'd like to add to your account.

Select complete and your new Simplebooklets will be available for use.

Additional Simplebooklets cost $1 per month ($12 per year). This total will be automatically added to your next monthly or annual renewal bill.

Upgrading From A Basic Plan

We're so happy you are ready to take your communications to the next level. When you upgrade from your Basic plan to a new PRO subscription, we'll prorate any remaining

Renewing Your PRO Account

If you subscribe to a month to month plan, your plan will automatically renew each month on the same date you signed up on. On an annual plan, you'll receive an email letting you know of the upcoming renewal and will automatically be renewed on your upgrade date.

Your subscription price is locked in. We will not increase your subscription price for as long as you maintain your plan. Its our guarantee for cost predictability for your plan. You will never see a price increase on your existing plan. This excludes any applied discounts or coupons that are valid for one year.

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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